Life is remarkably ‘normal’ at the moment. That’s probably why I haven’t posted in over a month. But if you’re still reading, here’s a quick update, and I’ll try to expand as soon as I get a moment.

  • I’ve moved to Balham and am living with a couple of friends from uni, and a couple of others. A lovely big house and it’s a decent price, which is always a bonus.
  • I’m off to Goldsmiths in September for my Journalism MA (but you knew that already).
  • I’m working as Temporary Fundraising Manager for a charity called Training For Life. The money’s decent, the people are lovely, the charity’s work is very commendable, my job is interesting and satisfyingly challenging, and the office is not far from Bank, which is on the Northern Line (like Balham).
  • I am now Chairman of the OMV White Knights Ball 2008!
  • I published the Malteser and sent it out – I’ve had some lovely feedback. But perhaps I already told you about that.
  • I had a bone marrow biopsy (again) the other day, because the sample from the previous one was too dilute. It wasn’t very nice, of course, but Girish did a fantastic job to keep the pain minimal. I didn’t have sedation, either! I did get a letter from the doctor so I could skip the queues at the airport, though.
  • I went to Amsterdam for the weekend, to start planning the Ball. It was gorgeous, and just so lovely to be on holiday for the first time in ages. Hurrah!

All is well, therefore. I shall update again soon. Unless I’m writing my book, of course 😉

2 thoughts on “Back to life?

  1. Sounds like a busy and successful month all round.
    Hwo’s fundraising treating you? Well, I hope?

    Much love, as ever

    h xx

  2. Hi

    Well, first thing I must say is Many Congratulations on being Chairman of the White Knights Ball 2008! Secondly, good luck with your journalism MA course. I must just say that i am on tenderhooks at the moment as I am waiting to become an Uncle for the sixth time. I hope the biopsies went well. I hope that the next few months are as good as the last few for you. Must go,
    From Phil Wilkinson

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