Yesterday I had a bone marrow biopsy – my first for quite a while. It probably shouldn’t have been so long since the last one, but I’m not the sort of person to ask for a bone marrow, as I find them horrible. Of the first four, I had 2 under sedation, and 2 not, so when I had the choice of sedation this time I was well informed as to which would be better. Considering the 2 without sedation were very painful, and the two with were fine, it was an easy decision!

What I had forgotten, though, was that it leaves me with a sore pelvis for a couple of days, but that’s small beer when compared with the horrible sucky feeling encountered when not under sedation. Pain or no pain? No pain! No pain! Foolishly, I almost agreed to have it without sedation this time, in order to get seen more quickly (it’s a bit more complicated with sedation, as a senior nurse needs to be there), but fortunately I held out and the actual biopsy passed without incident. I think I fell asleep, but I can’t remember. I definitely had a snooze afterwards.

I’m now sat at home, putting copies of the Malteser in brown envelopes and sticking address labels on the front! It’s not especially interesting work, but terribly exciting to be doing it, because I’m very pleased with how the magazine has turned out… I might take some photos of it and post them, because I like it so much. Hurrah!

2 thoughts on “Sedation and bone marrow biopsies

  1. erm..sedation?io sono per i sedativi..sai quanto abbia bisogno di essere sedata a volte…;-)e non per il mio bene, ma for your sake…;-)diversamente sarei pianto.


  2. well done George…. the OMV Malteser is excellent. you have done well… I hope the Bone Marrow went ok for you…. Speak to you soon

    Phil Wilkinson

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