George was summoned today to return to St George’s Hospital. They were unable to arrange the cranial radiotherapy at the Sutton Marsden, and so he will start chemotherapy again tomorrow (I am assuming!). He is in Room 7 and so his phone number is 2566 (hence the title)! The wireless internet connection is definitely wireless, and that missing wire seems to be the power cable, hence my posting this post.
Just as a side note, his grandmother (my Mum) had a stroke on Tuesday and is in Frimley Park Hospital. While alive, she is not in great form at the moment. I’m getting rather used to hospitals and paying exhorbitant parking charges. What with that and work, I’ve managed to put up 5000 miles on the new motor in 8 weeks! I reckon that is £500 of diesel!!
Still spring has sprung and George and I declared summer officially open at home by mowing the lawn and having a barbecue. Time to dust off the click-click bed, mix the Pimms and reeeeeeeeelax… (one can dream!)
Until the next post, remember “today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”

7 thoughts on “Clickety-Click

  1. Hi George!

    Finally plucked up the courage to send you a message, after having been looking at your blog for a while. I was gutted to hear about A.L.L and my thoughts have been with you over the last few months, even though you didn’t know it! I wish you lots of luck with this new phase of chemo, I hope it goes alright, and I will keep watching your blog for news of your progress. You are incredibly brave and the blog makes beautifully honest and positive reading – thankyou for keeping it up to date for everybody to see.

    I wanted to let you know as well that I’m running the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK – its only 5km so its no marathon, but I’m excited about it and I’ve put your name as the person I’m running for – hope you dont mind! Lucy and I are both doing it on 23rd July in Bedford, I’ll let you know how we get on!

    Thanks again for your blog, and lots of love and best wishes to you George :-

    Lisa xxx

  2. hey, snap! doing race for life too, and you’re my name… and aoife’s and sooz’s. aren’t you mr popular! all these girls running around for you… XX

  3. Het George… I’m a friend of Harri’s… We workd together last year on the island… I think you’re mighty brave and keeping your chin up well!

    Sending loads of hugs all the way from South Africa

  4. I am thinking of all you Nortons as always especially gandmother Norton, i really hope that her condition improves.

    tanti baci e abbracci


  5. heya!
    I hope the treatment has started well + its all a bit more sorted!!
    Rachel + Giles have just been here at shafters to talk about Lourdes & omv stuff which was jolly!!
    It proved to be a lovely break from revision etc.
    I have to say I can’t wait to go again, but the choir definitely won’t be the same without your fab conducting + enthusiasm.
    It also doesn’t look like mi madre will make it either as her knee operation wasn’t smooth!!
    anyway good luck with it all,
    love + prayers
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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