Brief update: I am yet to go into hospital – I rang this morning and there weren’t any beds today. Then one of the registrars rang me (at about midday) to explain that they’re checking with the Marsden to see whether we might be able to squeeze in the cranial radiotherapy in the next few days after all… If so, I’ll do that before the chemotherapy, as that’s what the protocol says should be done. If they can’t do it in the next few days (and from what I gathered when I visited Sutton, I don’t think it’s likely they’ll be able to) then I’ll go into St George’s as planned and get on with the chemo. Unless they find out early tomorrow, I doubt I’ll be going in before Friday, as they usually like me to be there by about 4pm, and considering I’m taking the train up I’d need to know by about midday.

My father was right when he said that the only thing you can be certain of is that you can’t be certain of any of the plans…

3 thoughts on “Not today, not tomorrow, but soon

  1. The “best laid plans of mice and men” and all that.

    Still, more time at home isn’t a bad thing (whatever you might say about it ;))

    hannah xx

  2. Aww George,

    As the OMV would put it, it’s time to ‘hurry up and wait’, huh?

    Hang in there darling; we’ll pray for you on our get together this weekend.

    (Though I still can’t see a cowardy custard like moi in a canoe!) Will let you know if I succeed!

    Love ya tons,

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