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Robin and George looking stupid
A special relationship

My poor cousin Robin, who only ever really wanted to be a rock star, has gone and got himself signed up to run around Wembley Park on Sunday – and all for a very good cause. Inspired by my plight, progress and persistence, he will be taking part in ‘Run to the Beat‘ for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. There are DJs along the course, providing music to distract participants from the pain they’re enduring, though it’s unconfirmed whether they’ll play anything by Robin’s band, Final Form.

I urge you to give generously for a great many reasons, but not least the following:

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research
I think I’ve mentioned before the huge importance of their contribution to medical progress, and specifically to improving – and discovering new – treatments for blood cancer patients such as me. In the time between my initial diagnosis in 2005 and my relapse last October, huge steps have been made, and it’s only by funding more of the same that prognoses and survival rates will continue to improve. That’s where we can all come in, by supporting them. Apart from being involved in keeping me alive this far, they also showed their unlimited capacity for patient support, by sending me an umbrella when they saw I was relying on a wok to keep off the rain. Please give to them.

Barfly today; Wembley tomorrow
Barfly today; Wembley tomorrow

This is the first charity fundraising he’s done since he was 12, and he says that’s because he’s doing something that is close to his heart. I reckon that if we pull together enough sponsorship, though, he’ll be so inspired that he will continue to do good deeds, which can only be of benefit to the world, and over the course of his lifetime raise vast, vital funds to go towards banishing blood cancer and the like.  We’re looking at the future, people – not just the now. Also, when he’s a famous rock star, he might just go back to the list of people who donated and give them free backstage passes for his record-breaking sell-out stadium tour. Oh, and he says he should have done more training…

Blood Cancer Awareness Month
September has been designated a particular time to be thinking about and supporting people with blood cancer, charities that improve their prospects and ways to increase awareness. Have you done anything yet to support the cause? If this month isn’t an ideal time to contribute to the anti-blood cancer cause, then when is?

Robin with his hand on his head
Robin: “What have I let myself in for?”

I was very moved to read Robin’s words that he’s doing this “to raise money to beat leukaemia because it won’t leave you alone: but more than that, you’ve beaten it twice and are a true inspiration”. I’ve been lucky to have the benefit of amazing support and astonishing progress in the field of leukaemia research; please help ensure that is the case for EVERYONE with blood cancer. Oh, and Robin linked to my blog, calling it “incredible”, so please thank him on my behalf with a few (or, even better, many) pounds…

What are you waiting for?

Go and sponsor him!

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