I’ve mentioned before that when I am at my most tired, Mariacristina says I don’t look tired at all. “I am tired!” I want to protest, just as I want to tell people I really am an inpatient when they see me step out of a wheelchair to try to negotiate my return to the ward.

The Bristol Stool Chart
Show and tell

Today, though, I received incontrovertible proof that I am definitely ill: a copy of the Bristol Stool Chart so I can fill in regular assessments of my visits to the loo… I was already compiling a fluid chart, to see how well my body is passing liquids through, but as the chemo has started to have an effect on my gut, I’m having to record details I thought would always remain sacred…

Fortunately, the pictures and descriptions provide some small amusement – and of course it’s all being done for good reason. As expected, my neutrophils were down today (0.1) and I’ve generally been feeling a bit more groggy. My appetite is definitely affected, and my mouth is starting to feel not quite normal, while I’ve also developed a hacking cough – though it’s not productive and I’ve shown no signs of infection. The chest x-ray was clear, too, so there’s no fluid on my lungs.
I managed to sleep for some of the day, too, which I needed, although I was more than happy to be woken up when Mariacristina arrived to remind me that today was Day +3! It confused one or two of the nurses, though, who saw the the Day 0 and Day 3 balloons and wondered whether I was reliving my 30th birthday…

In other good news, Pompey won!George and his Day 3 balloon

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