It’s been a tougher day in many ways, but there have been some great moments, too…

First of all – wonderful Jimmi Jamms from the lovely people at sustainable charity AfriKids, which inspired and guided Mariacristina when she spent six months as an intern there back in 2009. The pyjamas, produced by tailors and seamstresses in the remote community of Bolgatanga, northern Ghana, are beautiful – thank you, Georgie and team!

George with Jimmi Jamms

Next, I even managed to shave what passes for my beard. I had never really made a conscious decision to grow my facial hair, but I suppose that it never quite seemed a priority – and perhaps subconsciously I was trying to minimise the visibility of my fatter-than-usual face. Or perhaps it was inspired by watching Vikings on Amazon/Lovefilm, although I’m not sure I’d be hairy enough to be a viking. I did notice that shaving coincided with my feeling considerably worse in general, but unlike Hercules’ loss of strength with his hair, my beard is unlikely to have been a cause of the grottiness.

George sitting in armchair watching iPad
Watching Vikings with freshly shaven chin

Yet grottiness there was, in the form of developing mucositis, continuing runny nose/cough, a funny tummy and eventually a dash to the bathroom to throw up everything I’d managed to eat today. It wasn’t much fun, but getting everything out of my system did at least offer some relief to my tummy.

It’s all expected, though, so in a way it’s good to feel we’re on plan – Day +5 already and I’m still cracking bad jokes. I can’t guarantee I’ll stop, however unwell I feel, but I think Mariacristina’s hoping I might soon…

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