I sometimes wonder whether I could have been a half-decent musician, had I ever put in the hours practising. “But why break a habit of a lifetime?” I thought this weekend when recording The Donor Song (my new bone marrow’s from you) in a fit of gratitude and creativity. I’ll use my bunged-up nose to plead clemency for the dodgy singing, but I’ve not so many excuses for the guitar-playing.


Enjoy – or at least forward it to as many people as you can in the hope it will encourage rather than discourage them from joining a bone marrow register, or donating money to help fund such recruitment…

UK, aged 16-30: Anthony Nolan
UK, aged 18-55: Delete Blood Cancer
UK, aged 18-49 (blood donors): British Bone Marrow Registry
Worldwide: Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide

2 thoughts on “Days +51 to +55: The Donor Song (my new bone marrow’s from you)

  1. Marvellous. What a lovely idea. Really enjoyed the song and the singing. Glad to see you look so well.

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