I had the funniest ten minutes the other day… My very ginger friend Charlie was visiting, and we were discussing, erm, potassium and the Periodic Table – bear with me! It’s because I’ve been getting potassium, which fizzes happily in water, and I find it terribly exciting that potassium has the chemical symbol K: imagine! K: potassium! That’s just crazy talk. But anyway, not nearly as crazy as what happened next… I completely lost the ability to say complicated words for about ten minutes. I utterly forgot the words ‘potassium’ and ‘periodic’, for example, and even if Charlie repeated them to me several times, I just couldn’t say them properly. Example:
C: Potassium.
G: Erm… forgotten it.
C: Potassium potassium potassium.
G: Palitiuc… Plefanioop… Oh.
It was just bizarre. I also failed to remember the names of some good friends of mine, and occasionally got completely the wrong word halfway through a sentence. Then, ten minutes after it had started, it stopped… I think it may have been because I’d thrown up my breakfast and not had any lunch, and hadn’t had any supper by then, but I’d had a decent whack of drugs in that time… Probably best not to repeat the experiment, then.

16 thoughts on “Eloquence

  1. Hang in there George! I’m sure the word jumble was Charlie not the meds (if it’s the Charlie I know!)

    I love you Sweetheart!

  2. hey!!!!!!!!meno due e poi anche la seconda fase sarà terminata!!!!!!iuhhhh!

    sai, pensandoci da sempre io ho un debole per il sodio(Na)….e poi è molto piu’ semplice da pronunciare rispetto a potassio, non credi?

    quando ci vedremo, faremo le prove,ok?



  3. You’re like Mrs Malaprop! But a man!

    We had picture captions at Lit Rev today – Robert brought his dog Hector who luckily did not disgrace himself. We also didn’t eat any of Terry’s Christmas cake. Never mind.


  4. Well i seem to have moments like that all the time my lovely george so never fear, non sto scherzzando!

    Cant believe am going to have to live your bedside tomorrow when i fly back to beautiful Italia but hey will come and visit molto presto.


  5. hey george
    just to say i hope the last few days go well and you build your strength back up pronto.
    i visited 3 hospitals today in an attempt to get my broken toe fixed (damn hockey!), pick up crutches etc, but unfortunately not yours or i would have come to give you a wave!
    take care mate, and keep us posted on your progress. and good luck of course!
    (and incidentally i have always thought K was a funny symbol for potassium too! Like Na for sodium. those chemists…..)
    rushers xxx

  6. Heyo mista, this is just your l’il furry, Geordie friend checking in with yas and sending all kinds of hugs, kisses (you get those whether you like them or not) and affectionate prods through the magic of the interweb. Tonight was the first time i actually got round to reading all your blog (and you have me wavering over whether to defect from livejournal) and it filled me full of comfort for how your dealing with you illness (albeit that it sounds kinda icky of recently) and jaw-dropping awe at your positivity.

    From what i remember you telling me i think your due to escape to the hills soon, so i hope that you make a successful breakout, spank those naughty cancerous cells and enjoy recovering at home with yer family.

    To end on a happy note, a small joke…

    “I say, I say, I say… My dog’s got no nose.”

    “Really? How does he smell?”

    “With genetically-modified ears…”

    Ah, the old ones are the best

    Loads of acrobatic, gesticulating, black-and-white-and-red-all-over love to yas,


  7. George, george, george …

    Your ability to make up nonsense has always been one of your strong points … and I’ve always had a problem with saying complicated words … so I wouldn’t worry toooo much! I’d put it down to what my Dad refers to as a “senior moment”!

    Feeling very guilty for not being in touch over Chrimbo and intend to put it right with a large letter sometime this week.

    Anyway, I do hope that you’re keeping positive, looking forward to seeing you soon.


    Chris x

    oh… and I’m still waiting for that pint on the King’s Road so get better soon!

  8. George, darling.

    I miss you.

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch in the last month – I moved back to Oxford and then lost track of where you were. I’ll be in touch very very soon.

    Love you hun

    hannah x

  9. If you’re asking about me – I went to college with George.

    To clarify the expressions I used in case of any misuderstanding – “darling” is something left over from my drama days (and more frequently expressed in Welsh as “cariad”). Similarly, I love George dearly, but in the same way as I love many of my good friends.

    As to who the park ranger is … I’m afraid I have absolutely no idea!

  10. Hey Georgeous!

    Keep smiling dude! Very very proud of you. Sevillian residence means I have not been able to be in London to see you, but just so you know that Me Joolie is always thinking of Benny V and sending good happy vibes!

    lots of love
    amy xxx

  11. Hannah, i meant the random park ranger! you may call george darling as much as you like! (he’s such a tart…) XX

  12. Hallo again to George, and of course all the other members of this happy l’il bloggging community…. you’ll have to forgive my livejournal inspired ignorance which means i don’t know how to respond to individual comments, but i’m intrigued as to the identity of one miss amy j… I’m delighted that her joolie is always thinking of me, but due to some unforgivable temporary amnesia, I don’t appear to know who this fine young lady is… I fully expect an admonishing reply along the lines of “It’s me Amy! You remember Amy! Amy who you were in three thousand plays with, Amy who you drank several bars dry with, the Amy who you discovered the lost treasure of Huitzipochtli with, the Amy who you used to cycle backwards through oxford with every second tuesday of every month! You mean you don’t remember me, you thoughtless bastard!”

    That’s what I expect anyway, but any info would be nice…

    Love and hugs to you as always George, and your bone marrow…. but only the nice bits of it, obviously…

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