Tonight (Friday, 6th January) is the enormous fundraising ball for the Order of Malta Volunteers, so many of my friends, and some of my family, and even a couple of people I don’t know, will be converging on Grosvenor House for an evening of fun, jollity and hopefully lots of charity giving. It’s always enormous fun and a great evening to catch up with OMV friends, and I was meant to be helping out in my own humble way by singing a bit of barbershop with The Quiffs, but sadly of course can’t make it – I nevertheless hope that everybody has a wonderful evening (and I have no doubt they will after the brilliant job the organisers have done). I’m having an alternative party in my room which will probably be far more interesting, though – not wanting to make you jealous or anything, of course.

UPDATE: Now it’s Saturday evening, and I’ve had lots of visitors letting me know that the WKB was absolutely brilliant, so that’s great, particularly as it seems to have raised an enormous amount of money for the OMV. So hurrah! Oh, and thank you to everyone who looked after my siblings, who were apparently on excellent form, too.

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