Good afternoon! You may be relieved to hear that I slept a lot more and better last night than I had done the night before, so am feeling much more refreshed and normal today. It wasn’t a flawless night’s sleep, unfortunately, but it was a night’s sleep, and I do feel so much stronger for it. I couldn’t keep my eyes open when I got into bed, and it took a long time to summon up the energy to turn the lights off, but as soon as I did I was out. This was great, but it didn’t actually take very long for me to wake up again in a less sleepy state… My legs were hurting, and I was worried that I was in for another sleepless night. They weren’t as bad, however, and after a certain time of tossing, turning, distracting, sweating, fighting the bed-linen and chewing my t-shirt, I must have got back to sleep, as the next thing I knew it was 6:30am and I must have been asleep for a good number of hours! It was a relief to know I’d been catching up on my hours, and I hadn’t even had to resort to the painkillers to do so. Waking up, I was drenched, which must have been a combination of my warm room and my tussles as I tried to sleep – it was a relief to take my t-shirt off, turn my pillow over etc.

Being pretty early, I realised some more sleep would definitely still be appreciated, but my legs were hurting a bit again, so at about 7am I elected for some painkillers to help out: fortunately they worked and I managed to get some more decent sleeping in before I got up at about 9:30am. Since then I’ve succeeded in gettinng yet more repose on the sitting room sofa, and my legs are feeling much better again. I’m sure I still have a huge sleep debt, but I’m digging into it and already feeling the benefits. Yesterday I could barely focus on my eyes; today I feel human!

I’m not sure how human I look, what with my face being a bit moony again, and my gleaming bald pate beaming messages to one of our friendly local planets, but that’s ok: I’m still loving the ability to stroke my naked scalp and I’ll probably soon lose the extra weight on my face again. Now I’m properly online I might pop up a photo to show how I’m doing… Robyn sent me a lovely photo from John’s triathlon, too, so I might put that up, while I know that before my little adventure to ITU I promised to show some wedding photos! All in good time…

3 thoughts on “Feeling human…

  1. Its great to hear that you are feeling much better George, Heres hopeing that the lovly southbourne keeps you rested and strong. Thanks to all the nortons for the updates over the last few weeks.


  2. Glad the sleep came and you are feeling a bit better George. The shiny head sounds very interesting and great for the summer!! Sleep well and eat well too. Enjoy the catch up time.
    Love Melanie,xxxx

  3. If you find the secret for a good nights sleep please publish it! Am in desperate need… I woke up in a cold sweat last night dreaming of post-structuralist theories of rurality.

    Glad that you are home, darling. Does the south coast miss me?! Finish exams on Friday, and after an initial binge drinking sess, and some outrageous flirting, I will be all yours. I can visit, watch mindless TV and chat about how wonderful you perceive the world to be at this moment in time! Can’t wait to see you
    To bed…
    Love love
    C x x

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