Taken on Wednesday (I think) while I was in hospital, here are a nice couple of bruises that have been taking their time to recover!

I’m not sure how I got this whopper on my inside arm. It is fading at last.

I think this was from the morning everything went wrong, and I collapsed in the bathroom. Gobby saw it at the time and pointed it out. It’s still there! For the record, it’s on the left side of my body.

The photos were both taken by me with my new phone: hence the shaky quality! There are various other bruisey bits on my arms and chest, so I do look as though I’ve been in the wars… My Hickman has a peach, for example, from where the old one was taken out and where the new one has been put in.

2 thoughts on “Gore!

  1. Ow! Thats more bruises than I get when I get drunk and wake up the next morning wondering why I have been in the ring with Mike Tyson.

    May I suggest arnica cream, and if all else fails steal your sister’s cover up… It works a treat!

    My poor darling, standards really are slipping in the NHS if you leave hospital more damaged than when you go in!

    Love you – C x x

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