7 thoughts on “Fittie…!

  1. George darling, you look like an army man. very hard core thug I’m going to eat your babies… i like it. hope you’re having a good day xxxx (PS, was a fabulous conversation, you’re brilliant, and I really most definitely do immensely, and well, thats that really isn’t it. X)

  2. Wow very rugged! I like it lots 🙂 Sorry I haven’t got to Tooting to see you yet, but I have a nasty cold and don’t want to share it with you! Lots of love xx Emma H

  3. George!
    Hair is great. As requested, here are some additional clues for your (not really cryptic) crossword.
    ‘Large Aggressive film star’ is also an aquatic carnivore.
    ‘Put that chocolate down George’ is also 40 days until you can eat it.
    ‘Super-fun, I wonder what she’ll do next’ is also a literary little girl.
    Can I visit on 4th December? Lots and lots of love, Katie xx

  4. Ah george, you look like you’re ready for orienteering with mr duddy.

    Lit rev stuff going ok – we have grayson perry as the presenter, so lots of men in dresses and erotic pottery around. ah well.

    give me a call any time day or night,


  5. hey…come già ho detto, ti trovo fantastico con questo taglio di capelli!
    Anche se gli altri non possono troppo capire quello che scrivo,preferisco non farti troppe c—— sul blog…lo si, sono timida….:-)

    P.S.mi sto connettendo dal laptop di mio fratello…spero di tornare ad usare internet sistematicamente quanto prima, sai quanto è fondamentale questo blog per me.

    con affetto


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