I have a clearer idea now of the plan from here. Today’s Day 23, and I’ve got intramuscular chemo today, D25, D27 and D29, and intrathecal chemo (lumbar punctuar)tomorrow. D29 another bone marrow test (ow), then hopefully home for a week to rest and recover. Back in probably the next
Monday (12th December?) for second phase, lasting four weeks, with intravenous and intrathecal each once weekly. Potentially allowed out occasionally!

One thought on “Plan A

  1. George – I’ve just read the email from your friend Rachael to hear your news, I’m so sorry to hear your news but it’s good to read your blog. I’ll send you a card in hospital and I hope it arrives before you leave. for the moment this seems like the best way of getting in touch quickly.

    Lots of love for now


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