Hi! This is Andrew’s contribution. As you will have guessed by the lack of regular posts, the uphill climb following George’s infection is a bit of a struggle! The infection was somewhat more drastic than just a cold – and I am sorry if my comment on a previous post led you to believe that it was just a common or garden cold. The PICC line in a vein in George’s arm and half way into his chest became infected with a bug which they were able to identify (but don’t ask me what it was!). Consequently the bug was well into his body by the time they spotted the symptoms. As his immune system at the time was non-existent (neutrophils were 0.0) , it gave him a very rough ride. At one stage last week, he was having great difficulty breathing and could speak only in staccato whispers. As he had been hoping to get home about then, morale also took a blow. Well, you try staying in one small green room for 11 weeks with only 5 days off in the middle………almost as bad as the Big Brother House, I imagine (if I knew what that was??!!) Coupled with that he has taken an intense dislike to hospital food, in fact most foods, because nothing stays down for very long – sometimes the very sight of the hospital menu causes an urgent uprising from his stomach! I have been with him most days for a few hours, trying to find something he can enjoy eating and trying to distract him from his situation – it is not an easy time. We did start to make headway at the end of the week and on Monday 23 Jan he moved to a new room as mentioned in the last post (‘Urgent’). This room is coloured light blue, is different in layout, has a large pin board, does not have an airlock, is opposite the nursing station (hence signs and noises of life) and has a new telephone number. For those who have his old number change the last two digits from 62 to 65. However, in his present state he is not able to take calls. We hope that the change of environment will help to mark a change in his fortunes. He is currently undergoing numerous tests to establish why the oxygen content of his blood is below par – and on Wednesday 25 Jan will have a bronchoscopy which will also ruin his voice for a day – though hopefully not his singing voice long term. Many thanks to you all for your unending support – please bear with us and keep praying – or the unbelievers’ alternative – and you can still send cards/letters!! One day this will all seem like a dream!
To the staff in the Ruth Myles unit who read this, my personal thanks for all your help and understanding and patience – I think you are all amazing! and don’t hesitate to post a comment correcting my errors!!
We were fortunate to get the consultant back this week – he had been on the Hajj pilgrimage!!!
Finally, I have not cleared this post with George – sorry, George, if I have got anything wrong, as I usually do!! Dad
PS Latest neutrophil count today was 0.3……………..

3 thoughts on “From the Base Camp, the Summit seems a long way off….

  1. Andrew,non c’è giorno che i nostri pensieri e le nostre preghiere non siano rivolte a tutti voi.Nonostante la distanza,vi siamo più vicini di quanto possiate pensare, con il cuore…con la mente.Presto le cose andranno meglio,nel frattempo ti inviamo un pò di “forza” da Napoli…del resto…è l’unione che fa la forza!E noi siamo con voi.

    Con immenso affetto


  2. So, a change of colour hmm chum? Interesting. A new view from any windows to! What can you see? No seal on the door AND closer to the nurses station too… hmm, sneaky plan perhaps? Is it an escape attempt or an effort to get some more TLC? Believe me all you need is your eyes & an effort at a smile to turn those nurses (the female 1’s at least) to puddles on the floor!

    So the count’s slightly up? Great, keep climbing!

    To be serious for a sec (see, I can if I really try), having kept a bedside vigil with you as well as been the 1 lying down sometimes, I KNOW you know how to ‘fight the good fight’, so no slacking on us now, ok? If the going gets heavy, put the weight on HIS shoulders; (it’ll add to the constant earache we’ve been giving him this end, but hey, HE’S got it covered anyway!)

    Love you my darling!


  3. Hi George

    Blue is definitely preferable to green, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new abode. Keep up the good work with the neurophils (one day I will find out exactly what they are!) and I hope that when I’m down in London next month you’ll be ready for a visitor!

    Lots of love


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