4 thoughts on “Urgent

  1. eviction,infection overcommunication whatever next?we have been talking ,singing ,you name it to those elusive white cells…hope the big comeback is about to happen.
    me just out of desperately dull lecture on research…a lot of talk of Lacan…you clever fellows will no doubt know all about him…is so, please help me with short cut to enlightenment when brain back up to speed.
    much love hilariousx

  2. More exciting than the Big Brother house … but then again, I suspect that’s not too difficult, given that George is in fact an interesting person.

    I wonder what the person at the other end of the phone would say if we phoned and just randomly spoke to/at him. Would he be cheered up, or cross?
    I shan’t try, just in case.

  3. A plea – don’t call posts ‘urgent’ without saying why PLEASE! I just saw that & it scared a decade off me!

    Chin up George; keep fighting!

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