Today (Day 15, ie Wed 28 Dec) has been rather long. I shall explain in full when I am not having to dictate but basically it involved a lot of needles and a lot of drugs and some blood. Everything’s OK but lots of things happened to coincide so I’ve been plugged in almost all day, doubly so at one point. How’s that I hear you cry – tune in next time to find out…

*This title courtesy of Daddy Norton!

5 thoughts on “Fully wired!*

  1. Dear George and family, thinking of you heaps. Very hot at work today here in Aus. Hope the pins and needles are very beneficial to your ongoing ghastly treatment. Great writing re: charities George, obviously dear to your heart.
    Lots of love
    Melanie and the Endersby’s

  2. George,

    As ever you are there for me with a pick me up whenever I need it. Your words on charity ring so true to me for I have seen you in action (I don’t know how I’d ever have gotten through certain Tuesday afternoons without your smile). If ever I can help out with your efforts; spreading the word, brandishing sponsorship forms or whatever you let this HP know ok, promise?

    Thank you for giving me a daily reminder of what’s REALLY important.

    Love ya always,

  3. Hurrah for George!!!
    You’re doing amazingly – I’ve been so impressed by your patience and was extra impressed throughout the double-whamey platelet session yesterday afternoon… you’re a star and I take my (well actually your since I keep piching it) hat off to you.
    Lots of love as always… very much looking forward to more singing sessions on my return from Scotland.
    Robyn x x x

  4. George never fear, i have had some sleep now and am making slightly more sense than yesterday…well at least Rach and i were making you laugh, although probably you were laughing at me rather than with me!!

    I hope you are feeling more rested.

    Sending huge hugs and kisses

  5. It was so lovely to see you yesterday after quite a while. I too have had some sleep though I doubt I am making any more sense! Apologies for the nonsense Row and I were producing yesterday and thank you for not taking advantage of your blog and it’s large audience to embarrass me totally!
    At the risk of repeating Jo’s sentiments in an earlier comment, you never cease to amaze me with your intelligence, insight and ability to see the positive in the challenges you face. You inspire me to become a stronger and more hopeful person.

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