Val Rapp, my maternal grandmother, better known as Granny, died on Wednesday evening. By the sound of it, it was probably a relief for her, as she didn’t seem to be getting much from life and was in quite a lot of pain. Please remember her in your prayers/pagan equivalent. I’ll never forget whenever she visited Downside and about thirty boys would come up to me over the next couple of days and say, “um…I met your gran…she asked me if I was a Belgian exchange student. Then she asked if I knew her grandson, who was head boy and explained that she had 19 grandchildren.” I think that sums up her outgoing and social character. Will miss her but am sure she’s in a better place.

One thought on “Supergranny

  1. Hey George,
    your gran sounds like she was wonderful – in fact your description reminded me of my own grandmother. I´ll remember her in my pagan prayers… will send you a letter soon too. I´m afraid I was hopeless with xmas/new years post.. xxxxxxxxxxx

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