Hey, I returned from 24 hours away (the rest of us Nortons were on watch) to find George in the bed that had previously been occupied by a very tired and poorly imitation! The really good news is that George managed 7.5 hours MUCH NEEDED sleep last night and even greeted a number of us whilst sitting in his chair! Understandably this move was tiring, and resulted in more sleeping, but it is all excellent progress. George’s neutrofils (neutrophils?) are now 0.6 which means, officially, that he is no longer neutropenic (spelling??). Who invented all these long words anyway?!(says Harriet the simpleton). I am glad to report the dire-rear(!!!)has finally abated. Now that his immune system will kick in, we can expect a minor setback as this will cause some inflammation and discomfort. Maida has been an absolute STAR looking after him this week and has made us all feel very welcome. It makes it all much easier. I will be away in Stevenage Monday night but Harriet and Freddie will update this (minus the long words). Thank you all for your fantastic, helpful and supportive comments, which have been passed to George who loves them.

15 thoughts on “George is back

  1. Phew! Well this is brilliant news ! Well fought George!
    So many folk rooting for you down here. You are now on the Westbourne prayer list too; they all help I know .
    Looks like you need a nurse in the family to teach your Dear Father to spell long medical words…. Harriet?? Love & prayers to you ALL Sue x

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had a trying week while I’ve been away George, and glad to hear that you are perhaps on the mend. Hurrah!

    Many (Belgian Chocolate Enhanced) hugs to you.

    hannah xx

    (PS This rowing thing is starting to go well at last – we won a medal at Ghent)

  3. George caro,n potevo avere notizia più bella!complimenti a te e un applauso di incoraggiamento ai neutrofili!!!!bravi bimbi(riferito ai neutrofili)..continuate cosi…state facendo un buon lavoro!(sai, anche loro vanno incoraggiati;-))
    Beh…dopo questo post mi sento più serena e mercoledi affronterò la seduta di laurea con uno stato d ‘animo diverso…sapendo che stai meglio e che le cose si stanno mettendo nel verso giusto!!!Forza George!Forza forza forza!!!!

    Con affetto smisurato


  4. P.S.la canzone del mese?(quella che ascolto in media 50 volte al giorno)è China girl..David Bowie.é ufficiale:mi piace!

  5. Fantastic news. Thankyou for the updates Andrew. Over to the other Norton crew. Lots and lots of restful sleep to you all,
    As usual you are in our thoughts George, keep up the good work!!!!!
    Love Melanie and Graham xxx

  6. Great to hear that you seem to have turned this latest corner. Keep on up the track and we’ll be right beside you all the way. You’re doing amazingly well and we are full of admiration.

    Much love from the Haslemere Rapps

  7. Hi George,

    Glad to hear your doing better, them pesky neutrophils finally remembered what there meant to be doing.

    All the best


  8. Hurrah for lots of sleep and a calm tummy!!! You keep on fighting Porge, we’re with you all the way.
    Lots of love,
    (a very relieved) Robyn xxx

  9. It is fantastic, George is getting there with much need sleep!!! great work by all at St ‘G’s. Keep going. See you soon

    Phil Wilkinson

  10. Brilliant news George – you’re the man!!! Keep fighting this – you can do it!!!

    Love and prayers

    Rosie, James and lump!

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