Good news! Consolidation 3 is finished.
Bad news… I can’t go home yet.
Good news! I can probably stay with friends locally for the weekend.
Bad news… I’m moving to tiny isolated room 1 (ext 2560) this afternoon to free up my big room 7 for someone coming out of ITU.

3 thoughts on “Good news! Bad news…

  1. Bellezza….ma le due good news sono cosi belle che superano di gran lunga le altre due meno piacevoli,no?dai….datti un pizzico sulla pancia come si dice qui…tanta e santa pazienza….!;-)

    ti abbraccio forte e ti do due baci!facciamo una cosa…te ne do tre e stiamo a posto,ok?;-)


  2. George,
    Yey, it’s finished! Well done! I am positive you will fill Room 1 with lots of colour again, very soon!
    Take care and big hugs, Ellie x

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