Bizarrely, there must be some little chip inside me that really likes staying in hospital. Almost as soon as the possibility of getting out for the weekend arose, my temperature went up and my blood pressure went down… My white blood counts are good, so they’re not too worried, but to be safe they’ve got me on antibiotics and a saline drip. On the plus side, the nasty diarrhea I had seems to have cleared up.

I assume the plan is to carry on with the antibiotics etc until my temperature and b.p. are definitely settled, and then hopefully if my blood counts are at a good level they might let me go. I don’t know when that will be, though.

Today I’ve been pretty restricted by having at least one, and usually two drips plugged into me all day – between saline, antibiotics x2, potassium, magnesium and anti-sickness my in-tray has been quite busy!

9 thoughts on “Just when you’re ready to go…

  1. Great that 3 is finished. I am sure you will be out again soon. This seems to be a pattern with you , get planned then unplanned.
    The nurses probably don’t want you to go again as you liven the place up!!
    Thoughts as always.
    Love Melaniexx
    We have a gathering for Elizabeth’s 21st tonight, could be a bit late going to bed!!

  2. Bad luck George.
    Singapore is blanketed with smoke from fires in Sumatra which is not very pleasant.
    We all send love, Philip

  3. Hey George

    Hope you’re out soon and more importantly feeling tip top.

    Masses of love, hugs & kisses

    Cousin Lucy x x x

    p.s hows the champion darts player getting on?

  4. Buongiorno carissimo!Spero stamattina vada leggermente meglio..immagino che gli antibiotici stiano facendo il loro dovere…Credo anche tu sia stanco di darti tutti sti pizzicotti sulla pancia(darsi un pizzico sulla pancia significa accettare una cosa scocciante con molta pazienza) sappi che io sto facendo il tifo per i globuli rossi, vedessi…!!!ho uno striscione con su scritto:FORZA GLOBULINI!;-)so cosa stai ho davvero 24 anni…;-))))

    bacio george


  5. Hi George!

    Back from Istanbul, no postcard I’m afraid as I ended up working Lourdes hours – longest stretch without leaving the office was 46 hours, no sleep. Total sleep: 3 hours out of 68!

    Anyway, back in the office this morning but off to hospital in a bit to have my shoulder ‘relocated’ (fell down some stairs on Friday). James tried to put it back in when I got home last night but it was too painful so I have to go and have some IV drugs before we attempt it again!

    Let me know when you can get out, I can always come and get you and the spare room is still there if you need it.

    Lots of love,

    Cat V X

  6. Good white blood, bad blood pressure!

    Sending champagne bubbly thoughts to boost you. Glad to hear that the drips etc didn’t prevent your watching of Spooks (if this is what they do mid seson, hevaen help us when they wrap it up – they’ll ALL disappear).

    Many hugs

    hannah xx

  7. Dearest George.
    Hey Ho! Swings and roundabouts it seems…….can see its all so frustrating being so close to escaping for a time. But great that phase 3 is finished. Phew! Well done!Cousins all send love. Ben has passed all his qualifying exams, James is close to his+having job interviews,H has end of yr exams, C has finals soon to finish school,while A & D are just back.God bless, Caroline xxx

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