In case you are wondering, George went back to St George’s on Monday as planned and had a successful bone marrow harvest on Tuesday under general anaesthetic. There were a doctor and a nurse on both sides harvesting from his pelvis – wonder which team lost and who Sir Alan fired? George was due out today (Wednesday) but he needed some blood and he was also running a temperature (which is now fine), so it was decided that he should stay in another night. I confidently expect him home Thursday. On Friday morning (rather early) we have to be in the Royal Marsden at Sutton for a couple of hours for a radiotherapy trial run, and then George has to be back at St George’s on Sunday afternoon ready for the real thing….
George would have posted this himself, but he has yet to get his new computer to connect to the Internet at St G’s – it may be a matter of range (though he does connect to the wireless transmitter) or it might be his settings – hopefully we will get it working for his long stay.

3 thoughts on “G’s got a brand new Bone Marrow Harvest!

  1. Progress – marvellous.

    I do hope you’re feeling better and coming out of hostipal (as my little sister would say) today

    Gwasgiadau mawr (big hugs – lit: squeezes!)

    hannah xx

  2. Fantastic news-so relieved to know you had a GA-pretty brutal without i imagine.
    Anyway…you are back on the road and many of us have gone off in various directions but all thought,prayers,hopes ,dreams go to stamf…sorry i mean RMH & beyond.
    we loved your singing(fred was not bad either) , wonderful company…a magical weekend indeed.Hilarious,P & little cousinsxxxxxxxx

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