Today is the feast day of Saint George, so I wish you all a happy one and remind you that you should be eating dragon for supper. I wonder whether my Tooting hotel is celebrating in fashion: it would have been terribly poetic to be George in St George’s on St George’s Day, but alas: it wasn’t to be. I’ll be there tomorrow, though, so will keep an eye out for skewered dragons yet to be cleared away.

In case you’ve forgotten and can’t be bothered to go back and check, I’m just going to see the doctors and plot the final phase. This is good news, as the joys of Southbourne are wearing a little thin, and I want to at least know when I’m likely to be where, so that I can plot life around it. I must remember to make a big request to have 6th May free of chemo, and will also ask about the final week of July, in the hope of making Lourdes this year. Otherwise, I’ll be interested in knowing when I might be able to go back to work; whether I’m going to be neutropaenic; how much I’ll be in hospital and how much out; etc.

A post scriptum to yesterday’s posting about my internet presence: I’m now signed up to skype, too, so if anybody else is then we can have free phone calls over the internet! If you’ve got a decent connection and fancy joining, do head along to the skype website and I look forward to chatting… Those for whom a voice does not suffice will be pleased to hear you can even have video conversations.

5 thoughts on “Happy St George’s Day

  1. Buona festa, Giorgio!!

    Thought of you today – the ugly old dragon is still at home (but she goes back up to Twickenham on Tuesday) and that made me think of St George and then of you, our own dear little St George . . . puke, puke, puke.

    Good to see you at the retreat. You looked fine to me. Is this all just attention-seeking, I ask myself?

    Have fun; make the most of herself being in Somerset . . . she’ll be back soon!

  2. Far out! Seriously hoping to see you at graduation, but also before then. Will be in touch. Have to check out this Skype lark… Keep fighting that bloomin’ dragon, good sir knight!

  3. I was on the river at Abingdon yesterday at about the time you posted this.
    We were rowing up to start a race, and a marching band piped up, which naturally made me think of the day, and then on to you.
    ‘Fraid we didn’t quite win it for you though- we had some problems with a pink dragon named Pembroke.

    Much love to you George, as always

    hannah xx

  4. Hey George!

    Liking the making plans thing! Keep it going & that mean old dragon has NO chance! You’ve always been a ‘knight in shining armour’ to me, now people outside the OMV see that to!


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