MSN Messenger is, admittedly, an enormous distraction. But it’s also great for keeping in touch with people, so if anyone doesn’t have me on their contact list, my address for it is “george and his banjo” (all one word, no spaces) at the usual hotmail dot com. I don’t use that hotmail address for anything else, mind, so please no emails to there: they should come to my btinternet address.

I’m also on the Facebook, so if you’re cool then find me on there – apologies for the lack of photos but I’ll change that soon enough. Likewise on Bebo, to which I finally gave in recently, and even Friendster (though I seldom go on there except when Rob updates his blog, and he’s moving anyway…) – add me if you’re on any of those and we’ll merrily waste hours on the internet together.

If none of that is your bag, I do exist in the real world, too. I think…

5 thoughts on “Where to find me on the interweb

  1. Any excuse to get out of helping with the housework – that’s when the real world you disappears!! Hope it leaves some time for fresh air and fun too? Nag, nag, nag … Love, Dad

  2. george don’t be mean to your dad. can I just announce to everyone that facebook’s rubbish because you have to go to a super exclusive university (well not mine anyway) to get on it, and thats just not fair… humph… so bebo it baby. porge porge porge doooby doooby do X

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