I’m really looking forward to my birthday, even though I’ll be in hospital for it. Obviously I’d prefer to be out, and able to celebrate in less confined circumstances, but it’s not the end of the world. I’m never normally very fussed about my birthday, but being stuck in here I need things to look forward to! As much as I still believe the most important day to consider is today, when there isn’t much going on and the days are so similar, it’s great to know there’s something to look forward to.

Not that I have any special plans; but I do know that I’ve got some great visitors coming. Gobby’s on duty, too, and she’s always entertaining… And speaking of lovely nurses, two student nurses I get on with well have been offered jobs by the Ruth Myles Unit for when they finish their degrees, so that’s good news.

My egg-esque pate was starting to show a few confused and friendless little hairs sprouting here and there. So I decided they ought to be put out of their misery, and got my razor out. I did consider the fact that if I shave off any hairs that appear, my hair will never get a chance to grow back, but these were just silly, in their sparsity and their size… Also, I know the cranial radiotherapy will send me back to the ranks of baldies, so I figured I may as well just stay bald all the way through…

5 thoughts on ““I can’t see the hour”, as the Italians say

  1. Hi George,

    U forgot 2 say when your birthday is; the brain’s clearly getting cold! 😀

    Still love you loads though!

    Fi x

  2. It’s the final countdown! (dddederr, dddedederr, dddederr, dddedededederr, ddderr, dddddddederrrrr etc)
    It’s nearly your birfday!

    I like the word albumen. This from Hugo Rifkind quoting Boris Johnson in The Times the day before yesterday.

    “A very early wake-up call from Boris Johnson, after our revelation that he was targeted by an egg-wielding yob in darkest Islington. “The important point is this,” says Boris, “the tosser missed. I am a corpulent Conservative shadow minister. Not a small target. Yet not one drop of albumen spattered my suit! A terrible indictment of the sporting ability of today’s youth. I blame the Government. No wonder we lost so badly to Bangladesh. Or whoever.”
    Sri Lanka, Boris. But thanks for caling.


  3. hey birthday boy . . .

    what a coincidence – I have the same problem with my hair too – must be something to do with the date?

    I had invited a couple of student nurses round for my birthday as well, but Rosie vetoed it. You just don’t know how lucky you are . . .


    Believe me it is better to write it to you rather than sing it to you as my singing voice leaves a bit to be desired.
    Love for Aus.
    Melanie xxxx

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