I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that since coming home I’ve been feeling better than I have for ages. It’s lovely, though I realise it doesn’t make me clear or change the fact that I’ll be going in again soon and still have a fair bit to get through. The last month or so was tough, so any improvement would have felt brilliant after that, but I’m on much better form than last time I was home too (when my blood counts were much lower and I’d finished chemo only a couple of days before). I’m enjoying it while it lasts, though it’s sooooo cold I’ve decided it would need a million clothes to keep me warm outside and haven’t managed to find that many, so haven’t been for a walk.

The keen-eyed will have noticed in the pictures below that my moonface has gone, which is a relief. My hair’s pretty thin, too, though I still haven’t had it all off yet. Oh, and I’m eating again, though my appetite isn’t very big.

4 thoughts on “I was chatting to James Brown the other day

  1. Hey George!!!!!!
    Dont worry I find it freezing in England!! well I hope you’re finding a way to keep warm! Yesterday we had a big cobra in the garden we saw it first by the drain near the kitchen!
    Enjoy your food
    lots of love

  2. Great your feeling good in yourself; that’s the George I know & love! Keep going & you’ll be the high notes again in no time!

  3. To our special cousin George,

    Hope it’s nice to be at home – despite the cold!!!!!

    Lucy is in Brum for the weekend – a haven for revising in peace!!!

    Thinking of you loads – you are in our prayers.

    Love always

    Rosie and Lucy XXXXXXXXX

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