I’m heading back into hospital tomorrow (they do have a bed for me, apparently) and will once again try to reduce how much I take in, so I shall be leaving a number of borrowed books, DVDs and videos chez moi here in Southbourne… I’m very slowly working my way through them (through the books slightly more quickly than the DVDs, to my surprise), but there’s no point me taking a hundred films up if I’m only going to watch a few, and even then can get others brought up as and when I need more.

If I were more bored, or perhaps more dedicated to useless pursuits, I’d work out whether I could mathematically have managed to watch all the DVDs I have in my current possession during the time I’ve so far spent in hospital. I reckon not.

The first drawback of not taking them all up is that if anybody wants their films etc back at any point, they could well be down here in Sussex. But if you’re likely to want them back any time soon, shout at me a decent time before you visit and I’ll try to make sure they’re in Tooting. Preferably in my room, though if I get a decent offer at the market… Secondly, I have to decide now what I might want to watch and read over the next however long I’m in hospital. Oh, decisions!

I’ve still not come to a conclusion on the Phase 3 question. But I did go for a walk along the beach. And I made it to Mass in Chichester this morning and was rewarded with coffee (and delicious toasted brioche) at the lovely Davenports, who are just lovely and full of loveliness and always a pleasure to see. Robyn was here, too, but has returned to Oxford having fed me, Tom and Alice in epic and delicious proportions last night: it was great to get her down here.

In other news, it’s looking like a very enjoyable Six Nations… particularly if you’re English.

5 thoughts on “Stuff and stuff

  1. oooooh… anonymous kisses… should I be worried George?!?!?!!!!!

    So, so, so lovely to see you outside hospital and if not entirely glowing with good health at least looking a lot better and more full of beans. Thanks very much for a lovely time. Lots of love and hugs,
    R xx

  2. Don’t be starting the rugby chat George, I get enough of that from my rowers!

    Glad to hear that you got a beach stroll in; I’m missing the sea, and indeed you! I shall try and pop down to Tooting soon, boats permitting.

    Much love, as ever.

    ht xxx

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