Just a quickie before I go up to London again (for Chemo Thursday, of course, but also an OMV meeting, a gig by my cousin’s band – see ‘(the) Requiems’ in my links) – and the occasional social event. What’s more, I’m going to a wedding on Saturday: hurrah! I guess I’m at that age now, when people start to tie the knot…

Anyway, I wanted to mention some other excitements I had last week, which included a lovely dinner chez Ellie and a Mini adventure on Saturday morning. Upon discovering that Katie and Rachael were getting a lift to a hen party at Goodwood and Hayling Island, I gave up on the idea of getting a train down (as that’s my neck of the woods) and ended up having a hilarious trip down South in an open-top Mini Cooper… Photos to follow (as I’m rushing for a train).

I’ve also discovered my head is great for writing on! More about that later, too.

6 thoughts on “Like a yo-yo

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  2. Hope you made the train for London on time.
    A mini adventure in a mini, did the hat stay on?!!
    Hope all went well on Thursday, and that this phase flies by too.
    Much love and thoughts .
    Melanie xx

  3. I think he must have had a ‘bar code’ written on his head for entry into Clapham Grand now he is a regular…
    I did offer his head for advertising space before – perhaps the OMV should rent it out?

  4. Hi George, I’learnt about you time ago from a friend of yours, and from this very good blog… I’m still in Rome, which is more or less as you’ve left it. I send you many greetings, hope we can write each other more. my email address now is marco.debernardo@fastewebnet.it

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