It’s me in a hat! And Jo in a hat! This was taken about a week before Christmas.

Other photos from the day can be found on this page.

That was the day lots of OMV friends visited after having been to the Christmas Reunion – they were consequently very tired and amusing (and easily amused) – and was enormous fun. Adam and Katie, though, had been ice-skating, and therefore turned up with those two hats. I’m not sure I entirely follow the logic of that sentence, but anyway.

This one, on the other hand, once again with me behatted, but this time accompanied by Katie, Super-Rachael and Fred, was taken just last Sunday (three days ago)! As my neutrophils were up and I was just waiting to finish my antibiotics and have my bone marrow test before coming home, I was allowed out of my room, and that day went for a pretty long wander around the hospital… I had a stethoscope around my neck for much of it (as you can see in one of the other photos), which really confused other patients, visitors and the doctors and nurses. Is it a patient? Or a doctor? Or some strange new hybrid?

Once again Adam is responsible for the photos, and there are more from that day here, where you might also notice some proof that many of my friends would make lovely nuns. Except perhaps Adam. And Giles.

6 thoughts on “Look!

  1. Looking FIIIITT in those pictures…love it! Brought the good memories flowing back of that day when we were all in hysterics after the reunion! Was gutted not to make Robyn’s party and dress up like a nun…i think i would have looked very angelic and it would no doubt have suited me to the ground hehe!! Rach sent me some of the pics and yup i must say that the OMV gang make awesome nuns.

    So glad you are home george, non riesco a smettere di sorridere! sono davvero contenta per te e ti mando tanti baci

  2. That was quite celarly the most random collection of peekatures i’ve seen in a while… Great to see you up, about and wearing a dashing red dressing gown my son, to match your dashingly high neutrophil count… Keep going on the up and up mista and i shall keep doing cartwheels for ya…

    Love, sausage, bacons and eggs,


  3. I love those pictures of you in hats – and you already know my affinity for that red dressing gown of yours.. 🙂
    thinking of you George xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Sexy hat George, liking it a lot – not as much as I like the look of those nuns though. Who’s the one on the bottom left? Phwoar!
    As for the ‘Rocky’-style dressing gown, well, what better to fight infections in?


  5. Oh cry cry cry that i wasn’t a robyn’s party! mostly tears of laughter i might add – you guys look AWSOME as nuns! such angelic faces, such dirty minds… and rach I’m loving the bling – I want one. Ave Maria darlings, miss you all, peace be with you XXX

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