One does stockpile rather a number of emails when one is offline (as I believe young folk call it) for a month or two, so for quite some time I have been digging through them all, unsubscribing from emails sent by all those travel companies and CD shops who are so eager to let me know their latest discounts, all those Oxford societies who are yet to grasp the fact that I am no longer there, all those terribly amusing websites that want me to know their latest masterpiece is ready to be admired, and so much more. It’s taking a while (I’m also passing on OMV emails to somebody in a better position to reply, and making sure I manage to read the truly interesting messages), but I’m hoping it’ll be very satisfying to put an end to all the rubbish I was once eager to make the most of, but now never even glance at…

2 thoughts on “Email overload

  1. george….c’era da aspettarselo,no?dai,sono certa che una volta cancellate tutte le pubblicità sarà molto più semplice e piacevole leggere tutte le bellissime mails che le persone che ti adorano ti hanno sono nella situazione opposta alla tua….a parte la mail della mia migliore amica finlandese che mi ha scritto per dirmi che verrà a napoli a maggio, è da una vita che non ricevo mails…meglio una casella affollata che vuota….:-)))))ah dimenticavo..le immancabili pubblicità….quelle arrivano direttamente nella cartella di posta indesiderata!!!

    baci baciotti


  2. Hello you!!!ive just joined the leukimia site and read that u not long ago got diagnosed with ALL,ive got the same illness as you but had it for nearly a yr now.I hope it all going well for you.Plz feel free to email me(its on my profile: surreal_hippie) on the leukimia care site!!!

    love Becky xxx

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