I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Today I was discharged, and that brought a close to the long intensive part of my treatment. Next step is Maintenance, which is done as an outpatient, and is a lot easier. For months I’ve been treating this moment as something to aim for, and it really hit me today how special it is to have reached it.

I’ve probably downplayed to myself a lot of what I’ve gone through, and I suppose that being discharged from my last definite inpatient stay really made me realise just how big a thing it is to have made it this far.

So I’m a bit dazed, and will post again soon.

15 thoughts on “Maintenance

  1. You’re amazing……you’re amazing…..you’re amazing..you’re amazing…..you’re amazing!

    Guess what?
    You’re AMAZING!

    Lots of love
    lucy x

  2. *HUGS*
    Congratulations! I hope you’re doing something exciting and joyful today and making the most of it.

    (By the way, Maintenance sounds like something the little men at Jesus college would do (though I’m sure it’s much more important than that)).

    You know we all think you’re very brave, and we love you. And we always will.


  3. George

    Many many congrats on this huge milestone. What a big moment! You’ve done so well, keep up the good work.

    Really pleased for you.

    Rob F

    ps hope no more scheduled hospital doesnt mean no more blogg!

  4. And breath! WOW! Think I was a little overwhelmed on the phone last night too as so tired and felt grotbags but today I woke up and smiled the biggest smile for you! You are AMAZING!
    Love you to pieces, and as always, behind you all the way (even in outpatient-ville!)
    Your big (tho little) sis xx
    PS Imagine if the hair grows back EVEN softer and EVEN whiter!

  5. Congratulations!! You really do inspire me.. It’s amazing how well you’ve handled it all. Thank you for keeping us dedicated readers up-to-date on your progress.. Do update us photographically too..

    Keep smiling!!

    Roz x

  6. Many many congrats, George. It’s been a long haul – well done both to you and all the rest of the family who’ve been there for you.

    You take care now!


    Katie (auntie, that is, not the other variety)

  7. Our internet line has been out and have just logged into your wonderful news. Fantastic, enjoy, you have been a wonderful inspiration to us all and I hope that you still update your blog on occasions.
    Much love from us Endersbys down under.

  8. How exciting! Well done you! Congratulations! So pleased to hear how well you’ve been doing & we’re all so impressed with your strength. Here’s hoping maintenance goes smoothly & relatively painlessly!
    lol, the Blotts

  9. Many congrats Wu-Tang – sorry my message of good will was so long in coming – I have no excuse, really, I’ve even seen you since you managed this. I’m just rubbish.

    You have proved the power of the clan. See you soon, buddy.

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