Having not been able to upload photos to the blog for a while, it’s about time I put an end to all those rows of words, words, words, and got a bit of colour in here. So here are some highlights from the past however long…

This is me and Mariacristina, who was one of our neighbours back when we lived in Naples… Anyway, 7 years later, she came over to London! ‘Twas great to see her again.

This is the posh dinner party Jo had at her enormous house a few weeks ago. From the bottom left, clockwise: Aoifeu, Robyn, Jo, George, Sooz, James, Jon

And this is my lunatic family with various unhinged partners just before Freddie went to Rome. Left to right: Harriet, Daddy, Sue, Tom, Laura, George, Freddie, Alice. There’s a sensible version, too, but who would ever want to see that?

6 thoughts on “The colour supplement!

  1. Great photos George, keep them coming!
    Will you be allowed to come over & play soon? We both have leave at Christmas so are coming home but only for about week. Please say it wil bee soon!
    Wicked news about your treatment too!
    Lots of love
    Christian & Hannah xxxx

  2. Hey tu…davvero delle bellissime foto:-)è ormai da qualche ora che sn ufficialmente in vacanza…iuhuhuhuh!tra pochi giorni avrò la mia meritata vacanza..destinazione?ancora segreta;-)

    un bacio forte


  3. Hey George!!!!its jess! Im so sorry That I havnt written anything on your blog for ages!!!!!!!!Hope to see you soon…kool pictures! lots of love Jess rapp xoxoxoxox:)

  4. Well done George,Great feat to have reached Maintenance. On the smoother road now….
    HEAPS OF LOVE from us ALL,

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