…It seems I have picked up a bug. Unfortunatley, what with having no neutrophils, I haven’t got much to fight it. However, the nice doctors with their nice antibiotics are fighting the good fight for me. Hopefully, with their help, I can shake it off in time for when I’m allowed to go home! Otherwise I think I’ll go crazy, perhaps.

13 thoughts on “Oh bug-ger…

  1. Hmmm! Tough one, George. Have the escape tunnel dug, just had to organise the distraction event……. Now it seems you’ve ‘caught a cold’! Will keep the tunnel warm – hope the goons don’t suss it! Have tidied the reception area in anticipation – life on the outside isn’t too bad, though sometimes I wonder who is in charge – and now he wants ‘respect’ – for the mess he’s got us in??

  2. Well,there i was …planning a visit and told i was too unhealthy when you already had a cold…hope it is of the exotic kind and not some boring english sniffle-you had a narrow escape from made a in Singapore brewed in devon thing….we missed seeing you very much …next time please try to sprout a few more neutrophils(you can talk to them you know-it sometimes works …actually the reason for cancelled visit because you uncle thought it was something to do with him but reassured him they are not neutrophilips at all)

  3. Oh poor old George – what tough luck! I suppose it’s as well it’s after you’d finished the chemo. Anyway, hope it goes soon and you can get out.



  4. George,
    Fight it, fight it, fight it – I know you can and thinking of you all the time.
    Take care and big hugs,
    Ellie x

  5. George,

    Beat the bugger, beat the bugger, you can do it.

    Thinking of you loads, and good luck with the National Inter-Hospitals Belly Championships, it’d be good to have a friend who is a Belly Champ …

    Oh dear, teaching does really corrode your brain (well the bit I started with!)

    lots of love,

    Chris x

  6. Now George, I don’t want to denigrate your wonderful posts, but “go crazy”?

    Surely that happened a long time ago – otherwise you would never have developed an obsession with Pokemon … and small stuffed voles.

    Much love cariad – keep fighting.

  7. Hi Goerge!

    Just back from Down Under and given the weather here I don’t blame you for having a cold! Hope it buggers off soon and leaves you cold-free to head home. Lots of love and apologies for not being in touch much…hope you got postcard…


  8. George, how’s it going? Hope you have beaten those revolting bugs.

    Didn’t know you were a Pokemon fan. Well here’s an old joke for you :
    Q: How do you get Pikachoo on to a bus?
    A: You Poke ‘im on.

    Sheila x

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