…Hi everyone, Jo and Rachael here. George has asked us to let you know that he is still in the green room but that he is currently looking a similar colour to the walls as a bug has invaded via his intravenous line and so he is feeling a bit ropey. The bug is giving him flu-like symptoms and making him feel queesy so he is not really well enough for visitors at the moment. And if you call him and he gives you short shift, please don’t take it personally! However the doctors know the bug’s name(!) and are giving him the right antibiotics to kill it off. We will keep you posted!
Lots and lots of love, Jo and Rach x x

4 thoughts on “Urghhh…

  1. All power to the anti bug drug (s)!!! Thinking of you lots and willing you to stop looking green, am proposing a more exciting shade, such as turquoise or magenta…

    Lots of love,

    Cat X

  2. Hi George,no joke this time around….may you be out of this as soon as possible.not fair…you would never say that but we can.
    rest and look after yourself…masses of love rapps &rapplettes.ps nina playing you a tune on the piano as i type and it come with her love & prayers ,special cousinx

  3. I’m hoping that by this point there is some good news, and that you’re feeling less flu-y.

    Green is my colour but, other than in college terms, it isn’t yours – Patrick would no doubt confirm this for you.

    Much love, and I hope that the little dancing sunshine man has made you smile.

    Sending mental antibiotic boosters cariad,

    hannah xx

  4. Heard the update George, sorry for being so slack and not being in touch sooner. Have been thinking about you tho’ and contrary to my usual uselessness I want you to know I’m behind you all the way, what ever support I can give, you’ve got it.
    If anyone can beat this you can!

    Hope to have a visit once the bug’s been annihilated…

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