I’ve just gone through my digital camera and only now downloaded lots of photos from over the past year. Naturally many of them are completely irrelevant to now, and certainly to having leukaemia, but it was lovely to see them so I thought I’d share a few!

This one is from the White Knights Ball: if you remember, I couldn’t quite make it but my siblings more than made up for the absence…

Also from the WKB, Duncan gets a warning from Tom…

This one is filched from Adam’s site, and shows a cosy supper scene at the Easter Retreat.

This goes all the way back to my 23rd birthday in Oxford shortly before abandoning the dreaming spires…

This is proof that the boat was launched yesterday! I did take a couple of photos with me in but I looked like an old Russian woman.

This just makes me laugh too much, from the wedding (thank you Lucy): Freddie and I can occasionally be quite charming, but God knows where we found the other two.

A lovely family pose outside the church.

John and Robyn at the end of his triathlon.

Sally, my new girlfriend… On my first or second day in ITU, Gobby appeared with Sally, explaining that I needed a girlfriend. She was a great comfort, though we’re a bit worried she might be fluid overloaded, as her feet are a bit swollen!

6 thoughts on “Pic spam!

  1. Oh God, where have I been? I don’t know. It’s been ages. I have no excuse, really. I am making a new resolution to keep up with people, though, and not be such a lazy bugger and neglect all my friends quite so badly.

    I still remember promising to write you a letter. I will email you.

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