5 thoughts on “Heaven is a bath

  1. just formed very long and articulate,fascinating etc note then pressed wrong button…so instead ,you now get…please come to blackberry for bacon with guests if able sinon we shall find you elsewhere…back around 20th june for a month.
    to the suchness and utterness of life,may the sun keep shaining,love rappsx

  2. Great you got the sunshine, did the boat get launched?

    A long soak in a hot bath does wonders, especially when you keep filling it and then fall asleep!!!
    Love to you and thoughts as ever.
    Melanie xxx

  3. Hey Georgie baby,
    A suggestion to assist fluid shift from sallys feet. try elevating them on a foot stool for and hour twice daily! if that fails we can lend you some frusemide.
    keep enjoying the bacon sarnies, c u soon.

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