When I (and my dad, I think) posted details about getting on the bone marrow register, what did you do?

1. Sign up.
2. Think ‘I’ll definitely look into it’ and then forget.

Here’s the website, in case you fall into the second group: Anthony Nolan Trust.

Go on, you might save a life.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’ve now gone through both the potential procedures for taking bone marrow or stem cells from a donor: peripherally is too easy for words, and from the bone marrow is fine because you’re under general anaesthetic, which can actually be quite fun when you wake up… Yes, my pelvis was a bit sore afterwards, but that was nothing in the general scheme of things. So do it: don’t just think about it.

I’m not convinced that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but it might be, so better to be safe.

PS If you haven’t read the post below, that’s what’s going on in my treatment now. Hospital. For 100 years or something similar.

2 thoughts on “Remember Anthony Nolan?

  1. I’ve been on the Anthony Nolan register for years… I would really urge people to sign up.

    All they do is give you a blood test, nothing else is done unless you turn out to be compatible with someone needing a transplant. So far I have not been contacted, but I know that if I turn out to be a match for someone in the future, then I will be given the chance to help.

    Love Cat V.

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