Before I write a bit about such exciting matters as leukaemia, life and peppermint green paint, the most important things I have to say is : thank you. Thank you everyone for sending letters, cards, messages, for phone, visiting, bringing things, lending videos and, in short, all the LOVE. I really and sincerely feel overwhelmed by the support I’ve had: and I’m so touched to think of the wonderful people thinking of me, praying for me or worrying about my family. For all that, I am so grateful, and wish I could thank each and every one of you individually. Friends and family have always been such a central part of my life but now I appreciate even more how fundamental they are. You are! Thank you thank you thank you : your support means so much.
And of course it’s great to be the centre of attention…hehe…

So let’s all sit around and talk about me, as Lord Flashheart might have said. A blog is egotistical at the best of times, so I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot about me, but I guess if you didn’t care
then you wouldn’t be here. So no more apologies for the self-centrism around these parts.

I thought of four main things I might write about, and shall now try to remember them, to potentially give my thought-wanderings some kind of structure. What with the drugs, the treatment and the peppermint green paint, my mind hasn’t been at its more focused, so anything thatmight help…Right.

1) Practical stuff. That’ll include how I ended up in here; where I am; how to smuggle call girls in; when you shouldn’t phone becausesomebody’s managed to smuggle call girls in; etc

2) Medical stuff. The magical interweb can tell you as well as I can about what ALL is, but since the treatment varies from person to person, you’ll have to rel on me to find out how they’re making me better. This is good justification for blog; keeping you updated onhow it’s going!

3) Philosophical stuff. Getting leukaemia can make you think a bit. It can probably make you re-think a lot of things, though interestingly I’ve found it’s confirmed most of my general philosophies / ways of seeing life. Though I never necessarily thought of them directly before. A warning: I might talk quite candidly about quite profound things, so I apologise if I’m ever tooopen or blase about anything you’re less comfortable with.

4) Day-to-day stuff. Generally my days all look fairly similar, but I have LOVELY visitors, some very entertaining nurses, a TV, lots of books, a newspaper usually…so hopefully something a bit more’normal’ to write about on occasion.

Hurrah! I remembered all four. I shall leave it at that for now, particularly as the lovely Sheila is going soon and I’ve been an appalling conversationalist so far,,,I’ll try to write again soon (I have plenty to say…hehe); in the meantime please circulate the address of this, and do comment if you feel the desire: I’moccasionally managing to check emails and they come through on that.

Lots of love!

2 thoughts on “Right, first things second

  1. Ok, this has been extremely difficult for me. not good at the whole computer/typing/clicking the right bloody buttons stuff. But having rung you twice to try and work out how to make a glorious comment I think i may have finally achieved perfection in blog commenting. (just did a little spin on my spinny computer chair to celebrate – getting funny looks – who cares AM A GENIUS!!). This is a fantastic way to waste hours I should be spending on shakespeare (be he didn’t know how to comment). Love you mc George, and hope the greenness is glowing with an interesting and entertaining sparkle today. missing you loads, so sorry the evil germs have kept me away so long. MMMWAH x Jo x

  2. Whoops – a split infinitive there, me old chum.

    “…to potentially give…” – a bit like ‘to boldly go’ perchance?

    I expect more of someone born on 2nd July, me old love.

    Though fat lot of good it’s done me.

    Hang on in there – or have we said that already? I must be getting old.

    Dowbie (Just Call Me Cap’n Kayak)

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