Very few people read this blog anyway, but even fewer since I haven’t updated it for ages. However, I am now being detained for 28 days (without trial) at St.Georges Hospital, Tooting. If you haven’t already heard, I have acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)- apologies if that’s a bit sudden. I have no internet access but have set this up so other people can post for me. Big thanks to my gorgeous beautiful wonderful brother Freddie who is typing this. Once I let people know that this is here, hopefully I can keep it updated through friends and family so that everyone knows how I’m doing and can benefit from my worldly wisdom (which is increasing at a rate of knots, maybe). The comments will still be open but as I have no internet myself, I will rely on other people to pass them on if they are for me. If you didn’t know and now have lots of questions do post a comment and someone will hopefully be able to answer you. Apologies for the staccato elegance of my prose, but I am dictating this over the telephone, soon, hopefully I will become more adept at getting my words from my hospital bed to the blog.

That’s all for now but I’ll be back as soon as possible – am very excited that my blog might actually serve a useful purpose..fancy that!

10 thoughts on “This Blog may even become useful..!!

  1. Dear George,
    Your Cambridge based fan club is thinking of you a lot. This blog is a wonderful idea and I will be ‘blogging’ your site regularly. After all, we know how hard it is to get through on the ‘George Hotline’ what with getting past your myriad of personal secretaries and having to wait on hold for hours and hours!
    Keep strong!
    Adam & Katie

  2. George
    Where Cambridge leads, Oxford follows…..your Oxford-originating fan club is thinking of you too. Looking forward to some good blog in the near future. Well done & big thanks to Freddie for his clerical assistance.
    Lots of love, ali xxx

  3. ciao georgeous!

    just wanted to send you a BIG hug and lots and lots of love and kisses! i’ll come to see you the second i get back from italy.

    un bacione!
    ti voglio tanto bene
    lizzie xxxx

  4. Hey George.
    I hope you get this message somehow. I just received an email from Katie about your illness – Bugger. Have read the blog from back to front and back again. Wanted to say hi and say that I’d love to come and see you asap. How is tomorrow (Thurs 24th?) I could be there for 12ish? Does that suit? If no i’ll find some other time to entertain you.
    Cheers bud,


  5. Hi george, have just looked at your website and think its great, my son is 20 and having treatment for all, he’s in guys in london. i heard about your website through an email from someone i dont know who also has this illness, so you are actually reaching a hell of a lot of people. good luck with your treatment, keep writing on here, its an insparation!! i will be checking in every now and then and will show it all to Gareth. take care, will be thinking of you. Fiona.x

  6. I hope all goes well for you George,i too have ALL Leukimia and wish you best of luck as i know this treatment is hard(im nearly @ the end of my yr treatment)plz feel free to contact me on leukimia care…im SuRReaL_HiPPiE on there love Becky xxx

  7. hey george, have just found out about your blog from a friend who works in st.georges. i suffered from acute myeloid leukaemia recently but now thankfully have completed my course of chemotherpy which was pretty harsh.i found the hardest part was having to stay in hospital waiting for my cells to pick up again, missed my mothers home cooking greatly!
    keep well

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