Am still very tired from all the excitements of the past few days, but before going to bed I just thought I’d give a quick update: I had a stem cell harvest today, but it wasn’t as productive as it could have been, so I’m having another one on Monday. If that still doesn’t get enough, they might have to get cells from the bone marrow instead (shurely under anaesthetic?), but there we go. I am still in hospital after all, and in the same room (ext 2568), so you can ring me here!

I must go to bed… zzzzzzz

3 thoughts on “Short of stem cells

  1. “I must go to bed”

    Funny, I’ve been saying that for the last half hour too…

    Am plotting a possible visitation next weekend, but will call to speak to you when I know a) what my plan is and b) what’s happening with George and his magic stem cells.

    Much love cariad

    hannah xx

  2. Hi! George
    its great to hear that u have had some good few days!!!I have but they have been very busy!!I have a cross country running competition this wednesday!(very nervouse)I cant wait to see u in England apparently there is some big suprise!!!!!(other than the wedding)hope u dont waste all ur energy befor the wedding!!
    lots of love

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