Yesterday I continued to make the most of my freedom and went chez Gladwyn for lunch, followed by a lovely walk around Cannizaro Park – all lovely. Then I squeezed through the throngs in a pub in Clapham to find my ginger friend Charlie, who has decided he’s Irish, at least for this Six Nations. Unfortunately most of the rest of the pub were pretty Irish too, so it wasn’t the best place to be an Englishman as we got beaten and ended up 4th in the table. Oh dear. On the plus side, we can only really get better, and it was good to see Charlie and meet a few of his friends, who weren’t ginger. Even better, Pompey beat West Ham 4-2, so we’re on a roll and might even avoid relegation! Hurrah!

Today I missed Mass (thinking it was at 11, when it was at 10), explored Tooting High Street a little further, bought some socks and ate some lunch. Am planning to head out again soon, but I’m waiting on a phone call first…

All in all, it’s a pleasant weekend, though it’ll be nice to get this harvesting out of the way and hopefully get home asap – I’m not really looking forward to my 4-5 weeks in for the autograft but before then can’t wait for the wedding.

3 thoughts on “Swing oh-so-low

  1. Hey George! Passed through Tooting today unexpectedly and gave you a call to see if you were in and free, but no! you were buying socks! though you will need them in this chilly weather!
    I was in Oxford on Saturday (v strange after all these months…) and who did i meet? Hannah and baby Samantha! She is sooo tiny, and Hannah is so proud! We reminisced over those afternoons in the 3 Goats…..
    shame i couldn’t pop by today, but hopefully will see you soon.
    my fingers are crossed for the big harvest tomorrow,
    lots of love xx

  2. George, hope the harvesting is over fairly soon and then you can kick your heels up in a big way at the wedding.
    Love Melanie

  3. Although this is hardly the right forum – i’ve been out of touch a little and haven’t had the details on hannah and child – anyone know how they are and how much baby weighed?

    p.s. get well george!

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