I return home today (NO TELEPHONING THE HOSPITAL!), as my stem cells haven’t been produced in decent enough numbers to bother harvesting them, and I shall have to return to St George’s some time later for a bone marrow harvest instead. With general anaesthetic. It shouldn’t be too bad, but it’s frustrating not to have got it done, and I hope that what they get from the bone marrow harvest is no worse than that from a stem cell harvest from the blood.

Incidentally, I was on telly last night. ‘The Hole’ was on Channel 4 – I’d have warned you sooner if I’d known, but I didn’t so, erm, I didn’t. My five seconds of glory as a drug dealer did not go unnoticed, though! I’ve been inundated with messages from people asking whether it was me. Actually, only one message, but still.

Fred’s on his way up to pick me up in… the pick-up! My dad bought it very cheaply and it’s a beaut. A beaut of a ute, as the Aussies might say.

7 thoughts on “Stinky stupid stem cells

  1. hey….che ne dici di essere positivi in merito al prossimo prelievo?ok…gli ultimi due prelievi n sn andati a buon fine, ma n vedo perchè debba accadere lo stesso con il terzo che sarà anche diverso….eh???n serve a niente fasciarsi la testa prima di spaccarsela…si dice così qui…..

    Beh….l’Italia ha il primato nell aver trasmesso the hole in tv e aver mostrato così un capolavoro…;-)che fai?ti sei dimenticato???uffi!:-)no..nessuna faccetta arrabbiata oggi…n dopo ieri.

    buon proseguimento casalingo….

    love love lov-issimo


  2. A TV star, huh George? We’ll have to pay to talk to you now ;)!

    Speaking of ‘talkings to’ give your silly stem cells the hurry-up ok?

    Meanwhile enjoy being home!

  3. I went to the cinema with Ashley to watch that film (just to see you in it) & we both got scared s*****ss!!! So didn’t bother to watch it on Sunday sorry!
    Great to hear you are at home again, can’t imagine you in a ute though! Will you still be keeping it now old GB has put up tax on 4×4? Of course one of those would be more suited to Devon roads, more so than a Golf & Peugot. Tires are getting quite buggered again as the roads are so crap. Hope you can come visit some day soon.
    Lots of love
    Hannah & the rest of the Lawes’

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