My hair’s definitely starting to fall out. I first noticed on Wednesday, and now if I run my hand through my hair it’ll usually have a couple of hairs on when I look at it. It’s most noticeable when drying my hair after the shower: lots of hairs in the towel! It’s not very apparent looking at me, but as it’s started to go, that’s likely to change over the next few days…

I got up fairly early today and was fairly active this morning, including wandering outside for some fresh air, which was very pleasant. Lying in bed thinking last night, I was feeling a bit guilty for making the most of the fact that I’m ill by not bothering to clear things away after myself, for example, which I can easily justify by claiming to be tired, but actually often is just because I’m lazy. So this morning I was more active, and didn’t just leave everything for everyone else, and it was good.

But then I was knackered, so clearly I don’t have so much energy after all! Have been reading through Leukaemia Care stuff, which is interesting.

One thought on “Thinning, fresh air, laziness

  1. Hi, George. Great blogspot! Jean let me know about it. Got Harriet’s email so I’m up to speed. I’ll have a study of the donor situation – see what can happen. I feel nausious just thinking about your treatment and I really hope it works – rather an inadequate statement but my heart is really in it. Love and prayers.

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