Have just been fiddling with the blog a bit: I’ve made it so only the most recent 10 posts will be on the front page, as it was getting far too unwieldy. If you want to read any old posts, you can find them in the archive section (link on the right), or particularly important posts I’ve put links to above, as you may have noticed. Technophobes fear not, new posts will still appear here!

I’ve also been cleaning up a few posts where the line breaks were funny, even though I was simultaneously pushing them off the front page and thus making it less likely people will actually read them again… But I’m like that. I’ll probably at some point add punctuation and correct any spelling mistakes or dreadful grammar, too. Apologies for all those errors, particularly to my colleagues at Literary Review (still stuck for Christmas presents? How about a subscription? Ideal!), because they’ve been rumoured to care about such things.

2 thoughts on “Tidying up…

  1. Want a subsription to the TLS? LRB? I hear they’re GREAT reads.

    India still dusty, very cool today. Hands covered in Henna, it’s quite cool. I and other girl relations have to keep the ‘evil eye’ off Sonu, not really sure how, but will be trying my best. Have a turquoise blue sari and gold heels.

    Really pleased you’re home now, sounds like your taste buds are back in action.

    Take care georgie,
    Sheila xx

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