5 thoughts on “Today in 1000 words

  1. I’ve been gloomy all morning (as you already know… sorry about that) but the big thumbs up has made me feel much more entusiastic about my lecture. The mean people have decided that they will accept my manifesto after all, so the sun is shining and the birds are singing and all my thumbs are up up up. Happy days X

  2. 1. It’s always nice when people I don’t know stumble across my blog and leave a comment, so thank you Josey.

    2. Can anyone explain ‘Cute – Ick – Else’? Mr or Ms Anonymous, perhaps? My only idea so far is that it is a bad phonetic transcription of ‘cuticles’, which somehow links into the profound truth of the picture of the hand… Right?

    3. How many thumbs does Jo have? Answers on a postcard.

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