In case you wondering, yesterday was great because:

  • My methotrexate level was negligible and thus effectively out of my system
  • My Intensification Phase was therefore finished
  • My main chemo is now therefore finished (though there’s serious chemo as part of the autograft, and quite possibly some chemo afterwards too, but let’s not spoil the mood)
  • I was therefore also unplugged from the hydration etc
  • I was therefore free again
  • I therefore no longer needed folinic acid
  • I therefore no longer needed to be woken up quite so often during the night
  • The pH of my urine no longer needed testing
  • I no longer had a headache
  • I no longer had diarrheoa
  • I felt good
  • I barely even felt the growth factor injection (unlike the first one)
  • Jo visited me
  • I had spaghetti carbonara (from Jo) for supper
  • I spoke to some lovely people on the telephone
  • Erm…
  • That’s probably it

I’m not normally the type to fling thumbs-up across the interweb willy-nilly, but I figured that my blog had been disarmingly unillustrated for a while, so this way I could capture the essence of the moment AND decorate the blog, even if it did leave out a few details. If you haven’t read the comments attached thereto, then do. I’m still stuck on the cuticles.

One thought on “Why so good, huh?

  1. Effettivamente mi chiedevo cosa avesse reso la giornata di ieri una giornata da pollice in su….beh….ora capisco!tutto ciò che hai scritto è davvero musica per le mie orecchie!
    mmmm…e questa carbonara?immagino che ti sia leccato i baffi….;-)
    francamente non capisco perchè gli stranieri amino tanto questo piatto….anche in Francia non facevano altro che citarlo e mangiarlo….bohhhh!



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