9 thoughts on “Um matter

  1. Great picture George although are you sure it isn’t Freddie – it looks a lot more like him than you to me!!!!

    Lovely to see you yesterday… x x x

  2. awww George, you were so cute once, what happenned?? Uho Robyn, Goeorge is in a grump..think you are going to have to suck up to him big style now, just say ummmm…argh having a blank, cant think of anything funny! Or maybe its about time i gave him some of that ‘lets all laugh at row and her antics’ loving to get him out of his grump. Does that even make sense!?! Think the effects of last night are to blame for the lack of sense in this message.

    Anyways my lovely hope the hospital is treating you well and that your family and the girls are giving you big hugs from me always.

    missing you heaps

    ti mando un bacione e un abbraccio forte forte.


  3. Hi George

    We remember this picture well.
    Its one of our favourites along with the sailor suit at Phillip & Hillary’s wedding!
    Want to see that one next…..

    Thinking of you loads

    lots of love

  4. Ooooh a baby picture gallery – what a good idea!

    I do wonder what it is that you’ve done just before the picture was taken though, sine it has that look of “small child caught in the act and trying to look innocent” 😉

    Much love sweetpea, will call soon.

    hannah t xx

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