Oops! Just realised there was some text missing in my last post. In case you were wondering, the randomiser waved its magic wand and came up with…

…the allogenic transplant.

This morning I confirmed with my consultant that I’m happy with that option. I think it’s the option I wanted to go for anyway, but felt I should choose the continuing chemo option, as there isn’t such a risk. Actively choosing to go for the autograft (as I’ll now refer to it as, since it’s snappier) would have meant directly choosing the riskier option, whereas this time I’m just going along with the trial. The flaw, of course, is that it is still my choice, because I could have rejected the randomised selection, but it’s more of a passive choice, accepting the computer’s decision rather than making it myself. Wimp!

If it had come up with continuing chemo I would probably have accepted that, too, but my acceptance would have had more of a resigned air to it. This leukaemia has taught me to make the most of everything, so hopefully this quicker option will let me get back to full strength and my wild lifestyle pronto.

Apologies for keeping you waiting… partly it was because I wanted to confirm with Dr Al-Jehani that I was happy to accept that option before telling everyone that that was what I was doing. Mostly it was just to be annoying, though.

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