The most significant thing to happen since I last wrote has probably been the night I spent in the Day Unit. Room 1, having been quite toasty generally, suddenly became absolutely glacial on Sunday evening. I think it was approaching absolute zero.

Somehow I survived Sunday night (sleeping in my dressing gown and woolly hat, with at least 4 blankets), but on Monday I realised just how cold the room was, and spent the entire day out on the ward. The kindly Day Unit even let me squat in one of their comfy chairs! The engineers had been called regularly throughout the day, but never appeared.

So night-time arrived, and the nurses agreed that there was no way I could be expected to sleep in the Room 1 freezer… So, the Day Unit it was! It’s not really designed to be slept in, but it was lovely and warm, and I got a good night’s sleep, as well as a slight frisson at being somewhere I shouldn’t really have been…

The one drawback was, of course, that being the Day Unit, it needed to be used during the day, so at 8am I had to leave my warm sanctuary and venture back to the Arctic. Fortunately by now another patient no longer needed their portable heater, so climbing into bed in Room 1 (again armed with 4 blankets, dressing gown and woolly hat) was just about bearable.

And now at last they seem to have sorted the heating out! My room is at more of a normal temperature, and I can control it to some extent with the portable heater. It did mean, though, that having gone to bed all wrapped up in blankets etc, I woke up bakingly hot! You can’t win…

As for my own temperature, it seems generally to be better, though whenever I think it’s settled down for good, it seems to spike. It hasn’t for a couple of days now, so fingers crossed. I did wonder at one point whether my room temperature had been dropped so low in order to try to keep my temperature down!

I’ve been a bit less fed up with being in since I’ve been off IV fluids, and therefore able to wander the ward, but it is frustrating not having any idea when I might get out. Soon, I hope!

9 thoughts on “As cold as ice

  1. Sebbene non capisca molto dei tuoi post…non smetterei mai di leggerli!contenta di sapere che alla fine tutto si è risolto…quando mi scrivesti che la stanza era fredda..non credevo davvero che lo fosse a tal punto…!cavolo..ottima ipotesi quella del clima glaciale della tua stanza finalizzato a far calare la tua di temperatura…;-)

    allora…dita incrociate per lo stabilizzarsi della temperatura!

    sempre nei miei pensieri



  2. *hugs*

    Adventures in the Arctic eh? And we all thought you were tucked up safe in bed.
    If it’s any consolation at all, we got thundered and lightninged at all day yesterday.

    Glad to hear you’re a little less fed up – sending happy healing thoughts as always.

    hannah xx

  3. George,
    Off to Kenya tomorrow so won’t be in contact, but I won’t have forgotten you! Take care and tell them to put some heating on!
    Lots of love and hugs, Ellie x

  4. If they don’t let you out soon, I’ll pop by the joke shop and get you a false beard, a wig and some glasses… then we can smuggle you out!!!

    Let me know if you want/need anything this weekend as am around once again.

    Lots of love,

    Cat V x

  5. Poor George,

    A Norton shaped snowman is NOT what I had in mind when I told you to stay cool!

    Still, maybe the icky cells will freeze & stop growing, huh?

    Hang in there, I’m sure you’ll be home soon.

    My warmest, most loving hugs,

  6. Crikey it sounds like Boltby when we were kids and dad refused to put the heating on EVER! Poor you, socks, gloves and hats I remember helped and also getting changed under the duvet. Can come armed with plenty more woolens, just say the word.

    LOL Marie-Soph xx

  7. Ciao caro,
    Anch’io voglio scriverti in italiano! Sto qui a Oxford da due settimane gia e sto molto bene anche se mi sento un po vecchia adesso! Ma cosa vuoi fare? Ale era qui, ma sfortunatemente ha devuto tornare il lunedi per iniziare a la Bocconi. Vengo adesso di tornare di una cena bellissima da Chris e Christina chi sono ancora qui. Ero nel coro oggi; non e la stessa cosa sensa di te…Spero che stai bene! E spero vederti tra pocco! A presto e un grande bacio e abbracio. IGC

  8. Gosh that doesn’t sound too comfortable. I hope they let you out pronto! I am also due to be re-introduced into society soon… it is half term in a week so will hopefully see you then x x Robyn

  9. I have been freezing for the last couple of nights too! Realised when I woke up this morning that my duvet has a mind of its own, and the window was wide open! I may have solved the problem… May I suggest socks too? Love you x x

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