Remarkably, it was only this morning that I had my first bacon sandwich: all my other meals have been lovely and home-cooked and now I’m off steroids I’m not pining after extra food in between… Having not got much shut-eye again last night (though I did feel my body was getting well rested, even if I couldn’t quite drop off), I was pretty hungry when I decided to give up on the sleeping idea, and sought out the bacon and eggs. Now, you all know how much I love my bacon, but I would like to point out that it was actually Samar who was most insistent that I stuff myself with fry-ups and similarly fatty foods! I think the theory is to build up my strength, but to be honest I’m not the kind of person to waste too much time asking why I should be eating lots of bacon. Forget fish and salads: get stuck into the bacon. Good advice! For the record, my bacon and egg sandwich was delicious. But you knew that.

It was a bit strange feeling mostly ok last night but not being able to nod off – I was mostly too tired to read etc, so spent most of the night enjoying the peace. I’m shattered today, but I think I managed to get some good sleep on the sofa earlier and will no doubt drop off again at some point. It’s frustrating not being able to concentrate as well as I’d like, but I’m in no rush to get anything done so it’s a good test of my patience.

I’ve been trying to get myself up and wander about as much as possible, which is helping strengthen my legs, but is exhausting. I’ll probably go for a walk down the road later, to get some more serious exercise (and fresh air), but doubt I’ll risk going unaccompanied, as my balance isn’t entirely there and it’s not like walking around a hospital… In case you were wondering, I wasn’t joking the other day when I said the physios were going to take me to the gym: they have a little place where patients like me can slowly build up their strength and were planning to take me there, but then of course I left hospital instead.

It’s a bit grey outside, which is gloomy but at least prevents me from being annoyed at being mostly stuck inside… Hopefully the bank holiday weekend will brighten up shortly. Is anyone up to anything fun?

7 thoughts on “Bacon: I’m just following instructions!

  1. Hey George!
    Am so pleased you are back on the bacon – always a good sign!
    Am also sharing the sentiment about the bad weather – it is technically a shame, but at least it makes being stuck in the library a little more bearable! (wehich is my eviable plan for the bank holiday weekend!)
    Enjoy the rest of your stay at home and I hope you can get a bit more sleep soon, lots of love xx

  2. Hi Georgie boy,

    I too am at home, very thrilled about the no work factor on Monday. SO SO glad to hear that you’ve managed to have a change of scene at last after so long cooped up in el hospitale. Bacon butties also sound like the best doctors orders I’ve ever heard, hope you can enjoy some greasy fat chips and lashings of ketchup at the same time!

    Seriously though, very relieved that you’re back on the mend, I imagine it must be a very strange month to look back on but what a survivor you are. Thinking of you and your family lots and your grandma is also in my prayers.

    Lots and lots of love, Steiny xxxxx

  3. Hey angel – was thinking of you this afternoon, was watching Harry Potter and thinking of all the educational trips to the cinema that I forced upon you – revision not quite going according to plan!

    Am off out this evening to watch the Da Vinci Code – but the rest of this rather damp and gloomy bank holiday I will be tied to my desk trying to work out what the actor-network theory is – any clues?

    Hope that you slepp better tonight – may I suggest a story tape, or Radio 4, it is so boring you are sure to nod off!

    Love you Cx x x

  4. Hallo george!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Greetings from a friend I am moptoh’s little sis, helen, I met ur sis at my sisters flat -bit confusing but u get the idea.Mmmmm baaacon (and homer simpson drooling)repeat after me, would u like fries with that? anywho just to say hallo, and
    hope u get well soon.
    until next time, olivoir! pip pip, pop pop ! ps hiding inside from this horrid rain as well

  5. I went to a lapdancing club in Newcastle….do i win the prize for the most sordid weekend?

    speak soon giorgio

    ali x

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